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smartcontrol v13

Our systems and solutions are developed with the last software and hardware technology offering the best quality/price relationship. As WONDERWARE (Invensys) Registered Systems Integrator, our systems are developed with the last versions of the control software HMI InTouch using SQL Server 2005 & 2008 for alarms database, recipes, trends, historical datas, etc.

Energy Saving ,Wastes Reduction, End-Product Regularity, Quality Improvement, etc. are the main targets that we share with our customers. These shared goals makes projects meet expectations obtaining also the best profitability.

Integrating our Control Systems, provides the management and supervision of the process from a centralized system, where you will have all the real-time and historical information, trends, etc.

  • Quality Control Systems QCS smartcontrol v13® for Paper and Board
    • Online measurement of main parameters:
    • Basis Weight, Moisture, Ashes Contents, Caliper/Thickness
    • Moisture Measurement after Press Section
    • Color, Whitness & Brightness
    • Automatic Control of all the Parameters to ensure the Quality and Regularity with MD & CD Control.
    • Totally Integration with the Systems of the mill by OPC, SQL Server, Profibus, EtherCAT, Profinet, etc.
  • Quality Control System QCS smartcontrol v13®
  • Distributed Control Systems DCS smartcontrol v13®
    • Automation and Control of all the Production Processes
    • Mill lines Supervision: Stock Prep.: Approach Flow, Head Box, Wire, Press Section, Drying Section, Steam & Condensates, etc.
    • Totally Integration with the Systems of the mill by OPC, SQL Server, Profibus, EtherCAT, etc.
  • Profilling CD Control Systems
    • diluMATIC – Basis Weight Profile Automatic Control by Dilution or Head Box Lip Automation
    • lanboxMATIC – Moisture Profile Control by Steam Box or Infrared
  • Quality Control Systems QCS smartcontrol v13®, for CORRUGATORS
    • Moisture Online Measurement in the Liners and Unwinders
    • Moisture Online Measurement of the Board at the end of the machine
    • MD & CD Moisture Control
  • Basis Weight Control Valve
    • High Accuracy Knife Valves
    • Actuator & Positioner for Regulation
  • Online Measurement and Control of Several Parameters
    • Basis Weight measurement in PE Extrussion machines
    • Basis Weight measurement in Siliconed Papers
    • Moisture Measurement in Supercalander
    • Measuring in Adhesives